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In the process of upgrading the back end software from Berkeley DB to PostGreSQL, I enountered a number of problems which required solving. Solutions were as follows. This describes some problems enountered when upgrading Movable Type with MT-Blacklist 1.6x which aren't covered in the upgrade document (link). I'm running redHat Linux Fedora Core 1 for x86 architecture and host the site myself on this box.

  • PostGreSQL required IDENT to match the user accounts.
  • This required modifying the pg_hba.cfg to not require IDENT, as I am sure as heck not going to expose my system passwords on a website.

  • MT complained about files not being linkable -this was a user permissions issue. The files needed to be made part of the httpd user.
  • chown username.webusers /path/to/files/files

    where 'webusers' is a user group which has write access to the websites hosted on the machine.

  • A database needed to be created by a new user
  • su - postgres

    createuser [username]

    su - [username]

    createdb [dbname]

  • YAML also needs to be installed (link to directions on

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