Sith Mind Tricks

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Sith Mind Tricks

Darth Cheney attempts to use his Sith powers to control young Jedi Edwards. (Picture snarfed from

UPDATE: This picture is displaying oddly, and <br /> doesn't help, so I need to add more text to make it look better.

I noticed on the TVB news tonight that they repeated a few of the RNC talking points, especially the 'first they were for the war, then against it', line, which is a misrepresentation of what really happened. Also, they showed a selection of clips which made John Edwards look bad, and then quoted Fox News to show that he only had a narrow lead. Now, it's no surprise that the American news channels are completely partisan — they're largely owned by conservative corporations after all — but I'd've expected better things from the Hong Kong news corps. While the local news corps are shamelessly partisan, they are usually so in favour of China, not necessarily the American Right. Perhaps they couldn't be bothered interpreting — or even fact-checking — the canned reports they buy from the wire agencies.


HKMacs said:

I noticed that too after the first Bush/Kerry debate. It looked like they'd written the script before the debate!

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