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Today, Apple released a bunch of new things including the Mac mini.

One area where the mini-macs could make a killing is as video conferencing machines.

I've been experimenting with iChat to AIM and the results are very patchy - the PC end of the connection gets very poor audio and video quality unless the interconnecting bandwidth is very high — like a T1 on each end.

The Mac end is reportedly very good. Even with a good connection, the PC user gets a small little window, while the Mac user gets to resize the window and has more control over what's going on.

Mac to Mac is much better, or so I'm told, even when the bandwidth is poor.

With the next OS X release, four-way chat will be possible, something beyond AIM at the moment.

OSX Tiger with four-way iChat and an iSight on a mini-mac sounds like a good, inexpensive solution for multi-way video conferencing. And ten-way audio conferencing.


HKMacs said:

QuickTime 7 with support for H264 high-definition video will really clinch it.

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