OSX Tiger 10.4.1


Well, 10.4.1 is here. The first upgrade to the recent OSX Tiger release. Notable changes are that the Mail app now actually works with my IMAP server. The memory management seems to be a little bit better as well, as I seem to have a little more spare RAM when my usual applications are all open.

Also updated is apparently the Core Image functionality, although it's not noticeable on the Mac Mini, as the graphics card isn't powerful enough. (It really irks me that they went with the ATI 9200 instead of the much more powerful Nvidia 5200. Space and heat issues, I guess.)

There doesn't seem to be any improvement on the SMB/CIFS issues. The Finder still doesn't find the Samba Shares on the local network, and I have to connect manually to get them working. This isn't a show-stopper, but it's a little bit annoying.

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