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I'm pondering a redesign of the site, and I'm curious as to how people have their displays set up. Do you normally run at a high resolution (1280x1024+) or do you have old/crap/cheap monitors which can only manage 800x600? Do you prefer lower resolutions because they're easier to read and Windows makes it hard to have big fonts at a higher resolution? Leave a comment, please, if you have a resolution different from 1024x768 which you think I should support.

Note: I typically run at 2560x1024 on twin LCD monitors, but I don't span applications across monitors unless I really have to, so 1280x1024 could be considered my standard resolution. That's the resolution I generally use to test things, although I do resize the browser window and the text size to see how things change.


Brahm said:

When using my PC laptop: the native LCD resolution of 1024x768.

When using my Mac desktop: 1280x1024.

ian said:

the Apple Cinema display is 1680 x 1050, I'm probably using about 1000 (wide) by 800 (tall)

Waider said:

I use a 1024x768 laptop display, but I also have a gadget button on the right of the screen and the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the browser so my effective screen width is closer to 800px. I get rather annoyed at sites that force me to side-scroll rather than 'degrading' gracefully to my narrow view of the world.

Chris said:

I use 800 x 600 resolution because my vision is not the best and I like things "big". Interestingly, I can tell you that my roommate and sister also use the same resolution also.

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