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As you can no doubt see, I've redesigned the site. This is more or less the same style which was visible on the non-blog elements of the site, but I've made quite a few changes and simplifications to the underlying XHTML and CSS. It even validates!

So far, I've tested it on:

  • linux:
    • Firefox - Looks OK
    • Konqueror - Looks OK
  • Mac OS X
    • Firefox - looks OK
    • Safari - looks OK
    • IE for Mac 5.2 - Looks OK
  • Windows XP
    • Firefox - looks OK
    • IE 6.0 - looks OK

It doesn't look exactly the same across all the platforms I tested, but it looks basically the same. Firefox users get nice rounded corners, while Safari users get text-shadowing effects. IE users get whatever benefits you get from using IE.

Let me know if it works for you. If there are any rendering quirks, or oddness on a platform I haven't tested, or especially if one I've already tested goes nuts on a slightly different platform.

I've also fixed the comment previewing mess and some of the lesser used templates. Please leave a comment (or send an email) if something looks broken.


Works for me with Camino, a Mac OS X project combining Firefox rendering with a native Cocoa front end. Nice rounded corners on the Comments bar and surrounding the entry, but square corners on the blue bar with navigation links back to main and previous/next entry above the single entry.

ouli said:

Your site does look nice - in Galeon, too.

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