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Yet another letter from the unlinkable SCMP

Issue a rainstorm warning that we can understand

I write regarding the disastrous rainstorm last weekend resulting in mudslides, floods, more than 100 people made homeless and at least one casualty. I am perplexed as to why this was classified as an amber rainstorm, with no emergency warnings. There were also strong monsoon and thunderstorm warnings. Most of us do not have a degree in meteorology, to figure out when it is safe to venture outside, so we rely on our Observatory to give us guidance.

On Saturday morning, I was completely soaked in five seconds. I stood in disbelief as my umbrella collapsed. I mustered enough courage to begin the treacherous two-minute walk to work. As I went along, the whole 55kg of me almost got blown off the street three times by squalls much worse than in any No 8 typhoon I have encountered in this city.

I then called the Observatory for an explanation. All I got was a standard technical answer as to what constituted an amber rainstorm warning and why they could not lift it any higher. At no point did they actually attempt to find out what the conditions outside were really like and what extra emergency measures ought to be taken immediately.

I really do not care what constitutes a yellow or red rainstorm. All I care about is safety for myself, my family and fellow citizens. What good are warnings if they do not reflect reality? The Observatory ought to be much more vigilant about our safety. This type of bureaucratic complacency just breeds incompetence.

L. LI, Mid-Levels

So, let's just get this straight:

  • There were three warnings hoisted:
    • the Amber Rainstorm warning;
    • the Thunderstorn warning; and
    • the Strong Monsoon warning.
  • It was the height of summertime in Hong Kong, (also known as the rainy season.);
  • You presumably have windows in your flat, to use to look outside and see if the weather is good or bad;

And you still think you should blame the Observatory for the fact that you got wet when going out in the rain?

You know, most people don't need a degree in Meteorology to figure out when it's safe to go outside. My own children appear to be capable of looking out the window and deciding if it's worth going out, despite not even going to primary school yet.

And as for your mustering enough courage to make the two-minute walk to work, that is one of the most pathetic things I have ever read. You had to spend two whole minutes in the rain? What are you, some kind of spoiled Hello-Kitty Princess?

I mean, I currently have a ten-minute walk to work with the constant threat of poisonous spiders, venomous snakes, man-eating sharks, ockers, bludgers, and drop-bears. (And my landlady looks like Pauline Hanson.) Do you hear me whinging about it?


Bromgrev said:

Maybe she's got one of those Hong Kong bosses who sack you if you take a day off without a doctor's note ...

dave said:

I had one of them... and he was from Yorkshire.

Bromgrev said:

Ha! I'm in Yorkshire now. I can relate.

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