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I've upgraded the site to Movable Type 3.2 and it was a complete pain in the neck to do so.

I've basically had to rebuild the entire site from scratch (and my daily backups). I had problems with importing templates or creating new templates and thus rebuilding any part of the site. This made doing an uprade impossible. I suspect that this is because I've had this blog in MT for a few versions and it's been upgraded quite a few times already.

I installed the MT-3.2 files in a new cgi-bin directory and did a completely fresh install. I then imported the entries I'd exported before I started this whole sorry mess. Now I just have to rebuild every single template I made. While I'm doing that, commenting probably won't work.

Lucky for me that I linked them all to files and edited them outside of MT anyway.

Moveable Type 3.2 is not ready for primetime. Or, at least the upgrade process needs a lot of work. Do not upgrade your blog to it. It's better to do a clean install and then export your blog from the old system and import it into the new system.

UPDATE: The old templates have now been restored and some small changes made to the stylesheets.


dave said:

testing. hmmm, commenting appears to work after all

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