Walking the William Jolly

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Close to my apartment building is the Grey Street bridge, which was opened in 1932. In 1955, it was renamed after the first Lord Mayor of Brisbane, William Jolly.

Mundy-Turner are a folk duo who are nominally based in Brisbane, but who tour around the world. I thought that I might be able to see them down here, but unfortunately, it looks like they're on a bit of a world tour at the moment. Unfortunately for me, of course, not them. It's great that they're so busy.

(I've seen them twice in Hong Kong. They do a great show, with an amazing amount of music for only two people playing. If they play near you, go see them.)

Anyway, one of the songs from their album Naked: "Walking The William Jolly", was running through my head when I stepped off the plane in Brisbane. After listening to the song, I was expecting the William Jolly to be a light, airy and delicate structure. The reality is that it's a solid, slightly plain structure. The way the roadway is suspended up near the top of the arch is reminiscent of older railway bridges in England.

The arches are solid and heavy, in stark contrast to the lighter arches of the Merivale rail bridge to the west.

The Brisbane Skyline framed through the arches:


io'b said:

Google's new blogsearch engine knows about you already. you show up on the top of the blog pile when i put in "william jolly"

dave said:

Funny, it doesn't do that for me - I don't see myself on those results at all.

Does Google return different results based on your location?

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