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Four years ago today, the largest terrorist attack of modern times on the continental USA happened in the middle of Manhattan. Two large buildings came tumbling down, thousands of people died, and the US vowed revenge on whoever had done it.

(Day 1461 And Counting.)

Osama Bin Laden, a wealthy scion of a Saudi Construction company and his terrorist organisation Al Qaeda (The Base) appeared to claim responsibility for the attack. One of his demands was that American troops should get their pigskin boots off of Islamic land, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but a general departure from the Middle East was mentioned too.

Today, Osama Bin Laden is still at large or unaccounted for. Al Qaeda is still at large and recruitment is boosted by the war in Iraq. However, American troops no longer desecrate the sacred sand of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with their boots. USA 0; Al Qaeda 3.

Saddam Hussein, the Strong Man of Iraq, is no longer in power even though he had no connection to the events of 11/9 or Al Qaeda. In fact, he was opposed to the sort of Islamic theocracy favoured by Al Qaeda. It now looks increasingly like the new state of Iraq is going to be a theocratic state under Sharia Law. USA 0; Al Qaeda 4.

The US appears to be trying to establish 14 permanent bases in Iraq, which would be a point for them, I guess, if they weren't making such a mess of the whole thing.

Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from, and which finances many Madrassas or fundamentalist islamic schools is still a big trading partner with the USA, and still supplies much oil. Exactly how good a trading partner they was highlighted earlier on this year when the current President of the USA was seen holding hands with him whilst walking amongst the flowers on his Texas 'ranch'.


Bromgrev said:

They obviously have a "special" relationship.

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