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Busy as heck and down in Brisbane.

Go the Swans!


Anonymous said:

hi dave thanks for site made great reading -have some time off at the moment from teaching high school computer--aaarghh!
from what i can gather you had a crash or tecra 510 comments died out?-amount of comments surprised me i thought was on own with obsolete -might resurect my 1040 ste atari next! anyway if anybody still intersted
have 510 cdt made up of parts from 3 different machines-now known as dr jeckyl or is it Mr hyde. anyway does the job in australia where my phone line is slower than computer-still steam powered exchanges. had rush of blood to head and bought pcmcia usb 2.0 cardbus card so could use usb?
cant seem to get drivers installed -manual in chinenglish should this be posible running win 98SE and card chipset sems to be nec.thanks for any advice alan. couldnt post in toshiba archive?

dave said:

Alan, The comments on the Tecra thread just seem to keep going, although it's gone a bit quiet at the moment.

I've got one of those USB 2.0 Cardbus cards and it works on my Tosh. The PCMCIA slot needs to be set to cardbus mode (i.e. 32-bit) in the BIOS and the power supply needs to be plugged into the ps/2 mouse connector on the back. Removing the card would lock my Tosh up hard, so I generally don't actually bother with USB anymore.

I haven't got it working under Win98, only under Linux. If you have driver disks and they won't work, they might require Chinese Windows, if they're Chinese drivers. See if you can find drivers on-line for the card - they're probably more up to date.

Those old Atari STs were very nice PCs for the time. They probably don't really have enough memory to be useful these days, as I think they're limited to 1MB.

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