Well, I'm back from darkest Queensland. I didn't have time to post much over the last few months, due to being horrendously busy. 1300 hours in 120 days kind of busy.

It was a bit strange to come back from glorious sunshine in Brisbane to overcast chill (11 degrees!) in Hong Kong. It was a very strange sight to see the whole airport full of Hong Kongers dressed in North Face jackets and scarves as if they'd all just come in from the piste...

I managed to get an upgrade to Business Class on the way back, which was nice, although I didn't think it would be worth the nearly $30,000 Hongkie dollars it would cost. There's only an aging Airbus 330 which flies between Hong Kong and Brisbane, and it's very tired. In Business Class, you don't get the video on demand, or podded seats which you get on other Cathay routes. The seat doesn't even recline fully! All you get is a slightly larger seat, nicer food and better service. It's nice, but not worth paying three times the cost of economy.

As for the landing, Oy Veh! The engines were fully on and fully off on final approach, the ship was all over the place on the way in, and there was a pilot sitting next to me who didn't look comfortable at all.

I must try and wangle a trip down to Brissie on Qantas Business Class, just to see how it compares. I gather they use a real aircraft, not a little shrimp like an A330, so maybe it's more comfortable.

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