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ln what is probably a first for a Hong Kong blog, I'm blogging from a nice hot bath, thanks to my Palm TX and a wireless router.

Don't worry - there'll be no pictures!

The palm is a relatively capable internet device, with a 480x320 display and an 802.11b wireless link.

It'll also handle a reasonable amount of audio and video, as it has a reasonably fast processor for a handheld. There's also no Windows overhead, which suits me fine.

I'm just using the standard MovableType interface to enter this, and it's ok -- given the input limitations of the palm, of course. I have a Bluetooth keyboard for more intensive text entry, but that's a little awkward for the tub.


fumier said:

Which device heats up the water?

dave said:

That'd be the Mr. Fusion on the DeLorean.

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