Bush denies reality


Not that this is surprising, but the anti-scientific bias of the Bush Administration is revealed again in this article on DailyKos. Bush to NASA Climate Scientist: Play Ball on Global Warming!

Global Warming is not a controversy these days; it's a very well accepted scientific fact. There are those who try and deny the growing evidence; but for some reason they seem to be either paid by the oil industry (like VPOTUS Cheney) or Right-Wing Regurgitators[1].

[1] You know the type: constantly parroting the latest talking point from whatever right-wing source their wingnuttery stems from. In email, they're the kind who pass on every chain email they ever get and get upset when they're debunked. They believe whatever is the craze of the month, even if it conradicts last month's nonsense.

UPDATE: Other links (because I know some will immediately reject any link to DailyKos):

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