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Recently, I've been having problems with Firefox extensions not uninstalling themselves, despite Firefox being shutdown completely. Also, extensions weren't installing correctly. I've found out why this was happening.

The XUL cache (XUL.mfasl) and the extensions.rdf files seemed to get out of sync or corrupted when I upgraded to Firefox 1.5. The solution? Delete both of these files. Quite simple really.

Both of these files are located in /home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox/default.r19 if you're on a unix-like system like Linux, or MacOSX. In Windows, they'll be somewhere under /Documents and Settings/[username].... Probably best to search for the filename extensions.rdf.

Shut down Firefox completely — you can check that there's no traces of it running by checking in the Task Manager — and delete both files. Restart Firefox. Check your extensions, and all of the stuff which was supposed to uninstalll after a restart should be gone. Firefox will then rebuild the two files mentioned above.

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