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Google officially comments on their decision to censor search results from Google in China.

It's pretty much what I expected they'd say, but this is an interesting bit:

And yes, Chinese regulations will require us to remove some sensitive information from our search results. When we do so, we'll disclose this to users, just as we already do in those rare instances where we alter results in order to comply with local laws in France, Germany and the U.S.

Now, the reference to France and Germany is that local laws in those two countries prohibit certain materials relating to Nazis, White Supremacists and other scum.

Just what restrictions are in place in the U.S.A.? It turns out (following a quick search), that:

(See the full article here: Localized Google search result exclusions.)

You can see the full list (assuming that Google reports everything) of excluded items here: ChillingEffects.Org.

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