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Left, not right, deceives

Paul Serfaty confirms the contention that anybody who disagrees with his or the left's position is "Gestapo-like". ("Wide dislike of neocons", January 5).

His comments about the Geneva conventions are specious, as no one advocates abandoning these principles. It is a safe bet that he knows this, but chooses to assert a neoconservative juggernaut, as it neatly fits into the left-leaning world view. I guess it is far easier to set up a straw dog to easily knock down, so that one can appear to be compassionate and reasoned.

Perhaps, to many on the left, results don't really matter, but, rather, good intentions and, more importantly, how others feel about you. Given the reality of terrorism, it is no wonder that people around the world are increasingly rejecting the dangerous and irresponsible mentality of self-absorption and appeasement.

Mr Serfaty says that those who are moderately Churchillian would never support what he asserts the "neocons" (read conservatives) are pushing. Newly declassified documents directly contradict this assertion.

Examples of prime minister Winston Churchill's approach include: he thought that if Hitler were caught he, like all Nazi leaders, should be executed immediately, and he advocated destroying three German cities for every one they destroyed. This doesn't sound "middle-of-the-road Churchillian". No member of the administration of US President George W. Bush has ever advocated such far-reaching measures.

Mr Serfaty says that those advising President Bush lead by deception. Wrong, it is those on the left who think that, we, the common folk, are "too stupid" and in dire need of their "sophisticated" leadership. This brand of leadership is usually some form of outdated European socialism. The comment about a lack of appreciation for 2,000 years of "political progress" in Europe bears witness to an arrogant and elitist mindset. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is not coming from conservatives, but rather those elitists on the left who realise that the market for socialism is shrinking.

GARRY HUNT, Mid-Levels .

Yet more gibbering right-wing bullshit from Mr. Hunt.

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