Arielle Gabrielle

| | Comments (1), quite possibly the worst example of web-site design I have seen since the days of the <BLINK> tag.

Huge fonts (and many of them), some tiny links, hopelessly busy site design, low quality pictures which are sized up with width and height attributes so that you can see the low quaity JPEG compression. Table based site deign with no CSS and spacer .GIF files. It's like looking at a refugee from the early days of the World Wide Web.

Some of her prose:

Though many of my Asian students think Canadians are a soft, spoilted people, though they may not express this thought directly, my family had its trials.

(Although you're missing the flourescent, eye-searing and huge fonts, which I'm not going to reproduce here.)

And you know what's really scary? She claims to be a publisher and an artist! Lady, there is no evidence of any graphic design or composition skills on your site at all.

UPDATE: even scarier; she's an actual English Teacher, who apparently gets fired a lot.


HKMacs said:

Last seen on Lamma posting notices offering astrology readings. To date not one tear-off phone number has been detached from her notices!

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