Cars Are Necessary?


From Feb 16th's SCMP, there's this letter:

Cars Are Necessary

Correspondent N. Millar ("Tax cars heavily", February 11) says there is no need for anyone to have a motor vehicle in Hong Kong.

Does the writer want the elimination of all private cars, buses, taxis, delivery vehicles and ambulances, and a return to horse-drawn transport? Or is N. Millar merely taking a swipe at car owners?

I worked in Central. There was no bus going anywhere near my office, and the only reasonable choice on a hot humid day was to take a taxi or use my car.

Increasing the already punitive taxes on new cars might stop many, but not the rich, from replacing old cars with safer and/or more environmentally friendly vehicles.


Well, for start, claiming that the inital letter writer was proposing a blanket ban on all forms of motor-vehicle is disingenous. I'd even go so far as to call it a straw man.

Hong Kong has probably the best public transport in the world, with a mostly integrated ticketing system and regular and frequent services. There is certainly no need for most ordinary residents to have their own vehicle unless they live somewhere remote like the Northern New Territories or their job requires regular transportation of heavy or bulky items.

It must take all of five to ten minutes to walk from Mid-levels to Central, and it's downhill. And there's the Mid-Levels Escalator, although Mr Campbell may not be close to it. To use a car to do a five or ten minute walk is crazy and irresponsible. Is Mr Campbell willing to pay for a whole day's parking charges just to save himself a little perspiration in the morning? If you don't need the car during the day, why not just take a taxi? It's not like Hong Kong Taxis are expensive.

Oh, I forgot. You get Big Face by driving a big car and none for arriving in a taxi.

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