Editing RAW Images with The Gimp


I've recently moved over to shooting in RAW mode on my Pentax *istDS.

RAW mode is a lossless storage mode which allows a great deal of latitude in post-processing the image. It's basically the raw output from the sensor. Sounds good, yes? There's a downside. Images saved in this way are very large (10MB) compared to 2MB for a 6 Mega-pixel image saved as a JPG and not every photo-editing program understands the RAW format.

Unfortunately for me, The Gimp doesn't natively work with RAW. I use Linux as my primary OS, and hence use The Gimp for photo editing. What to do?

It turns out that there are only two small packages that you need to install to make The Gimp work with RAW images:

And that's it! Just install two small and freely available programs and Robert is your avuncular relation!

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