Robber Barons


Tom Legg, over at Dai Tou Laam notes two incidents of the US Justice Department putting pressure on banks doing business with countries that the Bush Administration doesn't like.

I thought these right-wing Bush following types loved free enterprise? I mean, here they are criticising a company for making money in a country they consider to be evil, while:

  • Dick Cheney supported South Africa during Apartheid and opposed the release of Nelson Mandela; (link)
  • The Bush Administration does business wih Uzbekistan, where they boil dissenters alive; (link)
  • Both are oilmen, and very closely associated with Saudi Arabia, a country which makes Iran look like Amsterdam.(link)

So it's OK if they make money in a country which isn't liked by most of the world, but it's wrong for anyone else to do so. Hypocrites.

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