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Apparently I look like:

So, out of 10 people, that's 0.5 Italians (Travolta), 1 Manx (Quayle), 1 Spaniard (Iglesias), 1 Englishman (Adams), 1 American (Goddard), 2 Irishmen (Ford, Travolta and Brosnan), and 3.5 Jews (Nini, Lubitsch, Curtis and Ford).

For someone with an ancestry which is just about 100% Irish with a little Norse from the 11th Century, that's kinda weird.

* - I say this, not out of any ill feeling towards Mr. Adams (peace be unto him), but he was a notoriously late writer. All of the Hitchiker's books were written either on the deadline or well past it. So he was an Author (someone who has written some good books), but not a Writer (someone who writes for a living). At the other extreme, Terry Pratchett is both and Author *and* a writer because he can churn out two books a year, and has done so for more than 20 years.

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