Marco Polo!


I was quite surprised today to find out that I've been a member of Cathay Pacific's Marco Polo club for almost five years. I was even more surprised to find that the amount of travel I've been doing for the last nine months has elevated me to the giddy heights of Silver membership. Tonight's flight (back down to Brisbane), tips me over into the stratospheric heights of Gold membership.

That means that I'll be able to use the Business Class Lounge in Chek Lap Kok tonight, with free beer, fresh noodles and internet access. Although, since I normally turn up at the last minute, I never get to enjoy those things. That also means on the return leg from Brisbane I'll be able to partake of the Business Class Lounge in Brisbane International Airport. Since Melbourne's Business Class lounge was a dark room with a coffee machine, so I'm not very hopeful about discovering a sybaritic gem in Queensland.

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