Brain Transplant Part II


Right, I've hopefully sorted out the problems with my Dell Precision 220's stupid 5.25" mounting rails, and I'm going to move my Linux box into that as part of my plan for world domination.

So far, the plan is:

  • Move linux box to Dell
  • ???
  • Profit!!11!!1!shift+one!!!!1

OK, so the plan needs a little work...

Anyway, not that you'll be able to read this, but the webserver will be in pieces on the office floor for a bit, so clearly out of action.

UPDATE: Well, that wasn't any worse than pulling teeth, really. It went better than the last time I tried it, but hey ho. You can see the results here: phpsysinfo, not that there's much difference. The processors are slightly slower (993 vs 1000 Mhz), but the RAM is faster (266 vs 133 Mhz) and the disk interface is faster too (133 vs 100 Mhz). (I think, I'm not sure about the last - the OS reports only udma4 on ide0 and udma2 on ide1.)

UPDATE: My imaginary reader is asking how I solved the problem of the non-standard 5.25" mounting bay. Simple, in hindsight. I was out and about in the computer arcades here in Hong Kong and I saw some removable IDE disk kits, featuring a 5.25" mount and disk caddy. After some investigation of the pattern of screw holes on the bottom of the mounts, and the subsequent attempts to explain that in Cantonese, I eventually found a brand that would work with minimal drilling of mounting holes.

Hopefully the single fan in the system (another reason Dell sucks - only one fan point on the entire board!) can maintain the system's cool. You can monitor that at system temperatures, although it'll probably take a while for the system temps to show up properly.

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