Yum Cha


I had to travel to darkest Kowloon for Yum Cha on Sunday and it really crystalised just why I dislike the whole experience of Sunday Yum Cha so much.

It's not the food, which I quite like. A good feed of fried and steamed dumplings and shellfish is quite good food. I'm not a fan of chicken's feet or the bony tthings on offer, but it's yum cha, so you can pick and choose what you want.

It's not the company - We were there with the in-laws, neither of whom speak English. Thery're usually occupied with feeding and playing with their grandkids at these things anyway, so I normally bring a book, or my Palm. (A surprising number of Chinese restaurants have free wireless internet.)

It's the fact that you are surrounded by people who are determined to eat while shouting as loudly as possible and smoking as much as possible. It's difficult to enjoy your lunch when the table next to you seems to be composed of chain smokers with Tourette's FECKING Syndrome.

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