Neocon Astroturfing


From Sunday's SCMP:

China's chance to do good

Your editorial "China can help reason prevail in Iran dispute" (April 30) seemed more concerned with US threats than with Iran's obvious ambitions.

That's probably because the USA is the one threatening Nuclear War and Invasion. I must have missed the part where Iran had a history of invading smaller countries for economic reasons, especially oil.

This, in a nutshell, is an outlook shared by the United Nations, the European Union, China and Russia. All these parties have demonstrated that they will not stand up to Iran. Their rhetoric is no more than a tool to pacify the US.

Deep in our collective hearts, we all know that only the US stops tyrants and terrorists carrying out diabolical schemes that would result in a world none of us would like to live in.

No, Mr. Sarway, The US does not do that. The US seems quite happy to build up tyrants when it suits American interests. Also, I seem to recall many Americans were eager to supply at least one set of terrorists with arms and money. (I'm referring to the drug-dealing, kidnapping and bank-robbing organisation known as the IRA.)

Iran has had previous regimes destabilised by US forces and I'm sure has a very jaundiced view of America.

As China rises, it can afford to put altruism above economics and weigh in on the side of good.

If it did this, not only would Iran end up not armed with nuclear weapons but China would be on course to true superpower status in a world sorely in need of another "good guy".


Source: SCMP.

"Weighing in on the side of good" apparently means agreeing with whatever George Bush says, does it?

Wake up and pay attention, Mr Sarway. The current brouhaha over Iran's ability to make teaspoons full of slightly enriched uranium has nothing to do with whatever Iran is doing. It's about the absolute belief that America has to control all the oil in the world.

(Irrelevant Aside: I wonder is this the same Charles Sarway of Jolie Intimates?

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