it's the end of the world as we know it


(and I feel fine)

We got past 6/6/06 without the world ending, but there are some serious signs of the impending apocalypse*:

You can boot into windows on a Mac;

OK, so this one isn't news...

Duke Nukem Forever may ship this year

I'm here to kick ass and chew gum. And I'm all out of gum.

I remember two games with very long development times: DaiKatana, (probably one of the most embarassing failures in the history of computer gaming) and Half-Life2, which was as revolutionary as the original was. I'm predicting the DaiKatana route for DNF.

The 5th Chtorr book may be finished this year;

(Find the June 3, 2006 entry)

This leaves only two major sequences to finish. I'm guessing 20,000 words more and the narrative sections of the book will be pretty much done. Then I'll have to correlate three separate interlocking storylines, finish the interstitials and add the Solomon Short quotes. My target is to be done by the end of July.

I also need to make sure that all the people who bought character names are fairly included and appropriately dismembered. That could take another week or two. I hope to turn in the final draft before Labor Day. Then I have a handful of short stories and one other book to finish before I take up book six.

Well, it's only been about THIRTEEN YEARS since book four, so, you know, no worries dude.

* I'm personally looking forward to the Apocalypso, where all the nations of the earth rise up and dance the limbo while drinking rum.

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