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A letter in Tuesday's ever unlinkable SCMP:

My wife and I were with a tour group that travelled through several cities on the mainland, and then we visited Hong Kong on May 16-19.

We visited several of the traditional tourist sites in Hong Kong, and then decided to walk along Nathan Road. During this walk, we, as westerners, were singled out and constantly confronted by very aggressive vendors who wanted us to purchase various items.

These vendors stood in our path, touched us and belittled us if we did not listen to them or when we told them "no". At one point I became so frustrated, I started to be verbally aggressive towards the vendor, until my wife stopped me.

We found this behaviour very offensive and violated our right to privacy.

We told other western tourists of our experience in Hong Kong and advised them to avoid the Nathan Road area, especially the south end.

We are aware that the city of Hong Kong is concerned that tourists leave with a positive impression of their time in the city, and we feel that aggressive vendors along Nathan Road leave a negative impression on tourists.

Even though I enjoyed my time in Hong Kong, the one experience that I recall the most is my negative experience along Nathan Road. When I tell my friends of my travel to Hong Kong, one of the things I pass along is the way I was treated on Nathan Road.

Wade Baker and Cora Guy, California

Well said sir! The constant touching and grabbing and "suit sir?" from the South Asians and the "Copy Watch?" from the local triads have combined to put me off going to Tsim Sha Tsui at all. Those guys, and all the crooked camera and electronics shops, need to be cleared out of what's supposed to be our 'premier tourist district'.

I would personally reccomend that tourist do not go to Tsim Sha Tsui at all. If you want electronics, go to Sham Shui Po or Mongkok.

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