Regal Airport Hotel


We were just out at the Regal Hong Kong Aiirport hotel for a lunch buffet. It was appalling, quite possibly the worst food I have ever had in Hong Kong. And that includes MacDonalds and the Pizza Bar (best damn snails in Hong Kong, but 'extra garlic' does not mean a pile of raw garlic on your pizza!).

How bad was it? If you've ever seen Jamie Oliver's School Dinners, it was like the food before Jamie stepped in. Almost nothing had any taste at all apart from the coffee which tasted of mud.

Even the choice was appalling: pasta, sausages, rice, fish and chips (although the fish tasted like cold, boiled mechanically reclaimed chicken and the chips tasted like Macdonalds fries heated up in the microwave an hour ago and left to cool), and some dim sum from a packet.

Perhaps it was the school which dictated the choice of ingredients, but the hotel cooked and served the food and they should be ashamed of the resuts.

Of course, this being Hong Kong, there were several other guests who were complaining about the food, while shovelling as much as possible into their gullets.

And to think I warned the wife not to eat too many oysters...

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