Yet another brain transplant


...but at least this one wasn't from the jar labled "Abbie, uh, something".

As you can see from the PHPSysinfo page, the web server (which is also my primary workstation) is now powered by the latest processor from Intel, the Core 2 Duo. This makes it far more powerful than the dual PIII processors which were powering it, and it's now possible to put much more memory inside. Currently there's 1 Gigabyte, with space for 3 more.

The changeover wasn't entirely painless - there's always some fiddly thing which can hold things up, but once I sorted out the disks (two still need to be connected), it was OK.

From a Linux point of view, there are some interesting points:

  • A standard SMP i686 kernel will recognise both cores and Just Work.
  • An IDE RAID card overrides the motherboards IDE0 and IDE1 ports.

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