A Cunning Plan


What is the best way of tackling the influx of pregnant mainlanders?

The main reason mainlanders come to Hong Kong to give birth is for the residency that the baby will receive.

Therefore the most effective solution to this issue would be to end Hong Kong's status as a special administrative region, giving everyone a Chinese passport (since we are all Chinese anyway).

Then I'll bet no non-locals would come to Hong Kong to give birth.

Joseph Xie, Tin Hau

I do believe that this may be one of the stupidest letters I've seen in the SCMP.

To deal with what is at most a very small problem, we should destroy everything which makes Hong Kong more than just another city in China. We should get rid of the Rule of Law, our honest police force, our uncensored access to information, our simple tax regime, our status as a world city (no matter how tenuous it is) and just become Shenzen's southern suburb. A filthy, crime-ridden, corrupt cesspool with blocked news channels, justice for money and hideously deformed beggars on the streets.

We should not be able to trust the taxi drivers, and our kindergartens should be fortresses constantly in fear of being robbed. We should all have to leave some small amount of cash on the living room table, so the burglars will take that and not cut our throats.

Also, note Xie's racism in denying that non-Chinese can live in Hong Kong. It's a repeat of the "Sod Off Gweilo" message you hear from time to time, as some deluded idiot thinks that Hong Kong would have been exactly the same city if it had never left China.

From his name, Xie is obviously a mainlander living in Hong Kong. Why live here, Mr Xie? Why not live in one of those Mainland cities of which you think Hong Kong should be one? Why not live somewhere you can be arrested for no reason, or killed so that your organs can be sold?

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