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on the advice of a Thai friend, we decided to go have dinner in the new Bangkok Thai restaurant in Causeway Bay a few weeks ago. This restaurant was recently opened, but is part of a larger chain, so we were expecting decent Thai food.

Inside, it looks the part of an upmarket Thai restaurant - pictures of the King, elephants, etc. (There's probably a kit, like you get with the Oirish Pubs.) It's very busy, and one or two of the staff are Thai, so we're getting the 'good restaurant' vibe.

Alas, it was downhill from there. rozen, small shrimp in the Tom Yum soup, poor quality ingredients, appalingly slow service — the rice crackers we were given were the high point of the meal, and had to last us for what seemed like hours until our food arrived. Pathetic.

To add insult to injury, we were charged more than we would have been charged in Tom Yum's in Wanchai, a very fine Thai Restaurant on Hennessy Road.

Final Verdict: Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Ahooga! Ahooga! Avoid the entire chain!

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