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From this morning's SCMP:

Falun Gong are pests

Falun Gong occupies considerable space at the Star Ferry piers every day, playing videos and uses loudhailers to protest against the central government. This nuisance causes great inconvenience to passengers.

The group is clearly abusing its right to freedom of expression. Members have had their say for more than four years now. It is time their demonstrations were banned. This noisy nuisance must stop.


Yes Anna, we should completely cave into Beijing and destroy what little is left of "One Country, Two Systems" just so you don't have to put up with nuisance. Nice of you to take the long-term view.

UPDATE: As I said in the comments the FLG tendency to use 'torture porn' — graphic illustrations of the tortures allegedly inflicted upon their members by the Chinese Central government — is extremely upsetting and should really not be exposed to minors. The only way to prohibit the display of this material would be declare images of tortured and dead humans to be obscene. This would kill the circulation of the local tabloids, and, as that sort of legislation would make some tycoons lose money, it will never happen in this town.

The FLG are a cult, and they exploit the gullible and weak. In this, they are no better or worse than other cults, like Moonies and Mormons. They do have one good point, in that they expose the entrenched inhumanity of the Chinese Central Government, and for that they must be tolerated.


dgny said:

I actually have a huge beef with the FG folks, although I don't agree with Anna. My concern is the nature of their graphic images. Having walked by there a kadjillion times with children, I couldn't count how many time I had a very upset child on my hands from one of their icky pictures.

dave said:

Heck, I've had an upset ME from walking past their torture porn in Sham Shui Po and their static operating theatre tableaux in Causeway Bay. And they had the same graphic images at one of their public displays in Brisbane.

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