Finger on the close button


For some reason, for the the last few days I've been getting irritated by that stalwart of the Hong Kong office culture, Mr. Finger-on-the-close-button.

He (or occasionally she) is the one who's finger gravitates to the close-door button in the lift just after he's entered. Usually, this is when other people are still trying to enter the lift. In extreme cases, this can be when other people are still trying to leave the lift!

The door won't actually close on someone — there's a sensor which prevents that — but it'll partially close and open again, which restricts the access width and is pretty annoying when people and trying to get in (and out).

At the root of this behaviour are the same impulses which drive the Cross Platform Sprinters and the Train Door Shovers: Lack of consideration and Self Centeredness.

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