Quaked III

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Anecdotal evidence has revealed that those worst affected by the Great Internet Outage of 2006 are PCCW subscribers. Respondent A — a bloke I met in the pub — reported that he was still unable to connect to google.com, msn.com, or his mail server as of Saturday 20/12, four days post quake.

"[BLEEP]", he said when asked to comment on PCCW's quality control, "[BLEEP]ing mother[BLEEP]ing, [BLEEP][BLEEP]ing, [BLEEP]ers."


Respondent B, a dinner guest, was similarly unable to connect as of the last day of 2006.

Respondent C, the person to whom your present interlocutor is accustomed to referring to with the perpendicular pronoun, had the following tale of connection to the internet:

internet outage

Observe the blue and green lines, which document my ability to connect to google.com and google.ie (North America and North West Europe). After more than 24 hours of nothing, a slightly longer route allowed connections as normal, although with some latency issues.

The moral of the story seems to be to not use PCCW for an ISP.


Elvis said:

Even if we were here on 16 Jan 2006. The internet service of PCCW didn't well at domestic area. It must be major disaster impaired the whole PCCW internet connection infastructure.

dave said:

Yes Elvis, it was an earthquake off Taiwan.

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