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I was watching the news as usual last night, where the latest smirking speech by the drooling chimp in the white House was covered.

As usual in these cases, a few words from a token Democrat were shown. Last night it was Hillary Clinton saying "He's showing us nothing new".

so far, so ordinary, but then, the reporter for TVB news contradicted Clinton and *defended* Bush's speech by saying something like "But that's not true. He proposed Health Care reforms and lessening dependence on foreign oil".

Since when is it the job of a reporter to issue judgments like that?

(Anyway, Clinton was right: Health care reforms and lessening dependence on foreign oil have been a drum the Democrats have been beating for years. And Bush's health care reforms are ridiculous - they're a minor tax-break, which will have almost no impact for most of the 45 million Americans with no health insurance.)

TVB News seems to be going downhill faster and faster these days. But at least they got rid of David Nye, The Anchor Guy.


Lambent said:

Going downhill? I think that horse has bolted.

In fact, I don't think there ever was a horse. Or a hill.

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