In Flight Movie Reviews: Flushed Away


In Flight Movie Reviews: Flushed Away — Aardman

This was an enjoyably silly movie.

I would've loved to be a fly (hah!) on the wall when the Casting Director told Jean Reno that he was going to play a frog...

"A Frog? But I am already French, and I always play a Frenchman, Rosbif."

"No Jean, a real frog, une, uh, Gren-yoo-eeee."

"Une Grenouille? Vraiment?"

"er, Oui."


"And, uh, there's a scene where your crack troop of French Frog Commandos --"


"your, uh, crack troop of French Frog Commandos are told to execute their best manoeuvre and they, uh, *mumble*."

"Pardon-aaaaaaaaay Mwaaaaaaaa?"

"They, uh, surrender."

"While eating cheese?"

"no, but we could put that in if --"

"Non. I think not."

"OK, sure, whatever you want. Are you on board?"

"Four times my normal rate?"

"Sure thing!"

"OK, I'm in."

"OK, thanks Jean. See you in the studio for voice recording."


"Well, that went well."


"Oh, yeah. Much better than I expected really. Now I've got the hard call. You know Sir Ian?"

"Ian McKellen? The greatest Shakespearean of our time? Can turn his hand from being an immortal to a mutant at the drop of a hat and can out act everyone else in the movie just by crinkling his eyes?"

"The very one. He's an overacting Toad in this project. Goes Muahahaha! a lot, and rubs his flippers together like a Bond villain."

"Hang on before you call him, I'll get the popcorn."


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