Dvorak Jumps The Shark


John Dvorak - PC Magazine Mon Jun 25, 11:48 AM ET

This is the last week of Apple iPhone hype, hyperbole, and hand-wringing. Oh wait, I mean the last week of pre-iPhone hype, hyperbole, and hand-wringing—we have a few more post-iPhone months left on the calendar. I am sick of it. It's all anyone talks about. It dominates the news. It dominates the podcasts and videocasts and magazines.

Hitler got less coverage when he invaded Poland.

Exactly what new meditation sequence Steve Jobs learned recently that could create such a flurry of fawning interest is beyond me. He should become a guru and teach it to the likes of Chrysler Corp. executives. Seriously, this whole thing is creepy in some mystical way.

John, is whatever Microsoft or Verizon is paying you enough for completely destroying the last few tattered shreds of your credibility? Because this is more than a classic example of invoking Godwin's Law, this is betting your entire future credibility on the Zune crushing iPod, XP crushing Tiger and WinCE crushing Palm.

How does it feel to be scraping the bottom of the barrel? I sure hope you can feed your family on whatever you can forage in Microsoft's astroturf.

You know, I don't even want to blame this on Microsoft: I know people who work there, and they're normal human type people. And at least one of them is related to me. They're certainly not the kind of insane gibbering loons who would compare anything they don't like to the Holocaust!

And to all those who think this will fail utterly: please check out the famous Thread #500 on MacRumors.com.

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