New Star Ferry Pier


I went out the the new Star Ferry pier today for the first time. Taken by itself, it's a pleasant building with lots of open spaces and pleasant breezes. There are nice views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and it would probably be a great place to take photos from in the evening.

So why was I spitting with rage?

Because this chuffing piece of faux-Edwardian neo-colonialism is about half way across the harbour, that's why! As you walk all the way out to the ferry pier itself, you see the constant reclamation work bent on filling in the harbour. By the time you get to the Star Ferry, you really are half-way across the harbour! You feel like you could spit on Tsim Sha Tsui. (Probably the best thing for that place...) The feeling of separation from Kowloon is diminished and the knowledge that the government doesn't care about this place is palpable. They will destroy one of the world's great deep-water harbours for profit.

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