Research health impact of Wi-fi


Research health impact of Wi-fi

Some people believe that Wi-fi enables people to access the internet conveniently and more economically.

The MTR Corporation (SEHK: 0066) is installing a Wi-fi network so that passengers can access the internet on its underground trains. The government proposes installing such networks in public places.

However, in Britain, some people have expressed concerns about the safety aspects of Wi-fi, fearing it could have an adverse impact on children. I would like to see the government in Hong Kong conducting extensive research and launching some pilot projects, before there is any widespread expansion of these networks.

Until we are confident that Wi-fi does not pose a risk, we should not be promoting this technology.

Eddie Lau, Sheung Shui

Sure, there are people in England who believe that WiFi is evil radiation which will fry your brain. These people, who clearly are not at home to scientific thinking, are being conned by charlatans who also sell products which will protect you.

See also: Phone Mast Allergy 'in the mind'.

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