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A day in the life of an iPhone owner circa 2010. Prompted by the Starbuck's deal.

You wake up, grab a shower and a coffee. Some overnight emails are synced to your iPhone. This you can do today.

You hop in the elevator and head for the lobby. On the way down, some upcoming events in your building (regular maintenance, scheduled outages) are synced to your iPhone.

You head for the MTR to go to work. On the way, your iPhone notes that there are 10% discounts on some taxis next week. In the MTR you can check your emails. Any up and coming promotions are automatically synced to your calendar.

You pick up a coffee from your local coffee shop. They have some discounts and special offers which are automatically synced to your iPhone.

You go to work and get stuck in a meeting. Relevant tasks (according to your personal settings) get automatically added to your calendar. As does Secretaries day, Personal Assistants day. For some reason "Worship Your System Administrator Day" overrides your golfing appointments for next Friday.

Work has been crap, and you head for the pub afterwards. As you enter, the next two weeks of Happy hour promotions are synced to your phone. There are no regular happy hours anymore - the freebies are varied and given to regulars only.

The band staggers on: Their next two weeks appearances appear in your calendar. You acquire an iTunes bookmark for their new single. (And three bookmarks to your local bottle shop for their favourite hooch!)

Time to go home. You flag down an Honest Chan's Company taxicab, and receive an electronic voucher for the next time your blood alcohol is so high and you elect to have someone else drive you home. 15 spam appointments for 'massage' services appear in your address book.


Waider said:

Nokia (I think) recently ran a promo here where a road-based billboard suggested you switch on bluetooth and accept a download from "NOKIAGAME" or some such. What a great way to spread malware, eh?

(p.s. using preview on comments appears to discard my identifying information so I have to retype it before I can post)

dave said:

The comment code is a bit screwed here - probably because I've upgraded it bit by bit from an early version of MT. The cookie code is very confused, I think.

I'll probably make a new install with MT4 soon once I can make sure that none of the links will break.

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