iCal, DateBk5 and Timezones

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Anyone know of any timezeone aware method of syncing between a Palm running DateBk5 and iCal?

Both applications are timezone aware, but the standard Palm datebook isn't, so time zone information isn't synched properly. I end up with multiple versions of the same appointment at HKT, Bris-time, GMT, BST, West Coast time, etc. Very annoying.


CESDewar said:

Timezone information can be synched properly with the newer Palm desktop that supports devices with the proprietary PIM apps (T3/E and all later Palm devices). If you then use DateBk6, V-6.1a, which you can download from: http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com/datebk6-v61a-r5.zip

You can set it up so that timezones are properly synched and displayed in DateBk6, you just need to check the preference to sync TimeZone information (More(3) Adv. Settings) and then use dbSetup6 to install the WORLD TIMEZONES Database, and finally set up your current and home timezones in the ZONES tab of the main DateBk Preference panel (Options | Preferences in any view).

Email Pimlico Support at the std. support email address if you need further assistance on this.

dave said:

Thanks for that helpful tip, Mr Dewar. I'll check out DateBk6 as soon as I have some time.

Unortunately, there is no 'newer' Palm Dekstop for Mac. The last version is 4.2.1 from 2005. (http://www.palm.com/us/support/macintosh/macdesk421revd.html)

The Windows XP version seems to support extended PIM field, but that hasn't been updated for a while either (unless you want to use Vista).

Frankly, both versions of the Palm Desktop software are dreadful. They haven't really substantially changed since the days of the Palm III. I much prefer iCal but have a small problem with the syncing.

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