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At last! I can buy music online! Amazon's MP3 Store (link down on the left hand side) might not be as polished and integrated as the iTunes Music store is, but at least it works where I am!

Finally I can complete my collection of William Shatner Albums!

  • Spaced Out - The Best of Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner
  • Brian Evans Live in Concert with special guest William Shatner
  • The Transformed Man
  • Bozo and Pals
  • Soon, I'll be able to take over the world! Muahahahahaha!

    Ahem! But seriously (and stop calling me Shirley!), one of the coolest things about the Amazon store is that it remembered some CDs I bought from the store in 1998 and offered me some newer works by the same artist.

    Why couldn't Apple do this years ago?

    (Oh, and it supports Mac right out of the box, which is excellent. I'll report later on what the free song is.)

    UPDATE: The song it offered me was Energy by The Apples in Stereo, which isn't downloading for me at the moment. I am behind a proxy though, so it's most likely something to do with that.

    Bugger! just noticed this in the Terms of Service:

    5. Territorial Restrictions

    As required by our Digital Content providers, Digital Content will, unless otherwise designated, be available only to customers located in the United States.

    So, hammering all over this land, but only for certain values of 'this land'. Sorry for getting anyone's hopes up.


    HKMacs said:

    It amazes me that your software still can't remember my personal info?? How do you open an Amazon account? There seems to be no clear instructions on their webpage.

    dave said:

    There's some problem with the Movable Type install and cookies. I'm upgrading to the latest version next time I'm back near the server (should be late next week), which should sort that out. The hassles of self-hosting!

    Normally, when you try to buy something, Amazon will give you the option of setting up an account. Try going here
    to set one up.

    HKMacs said:

    It now remembers and thanks for the Amazon info.

    HKMacs said:

    Well I'm fucked. No credit card.

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