I aten't dead


Like pTerry, I aten't dead. The long hard slog down under is finished for the moment and we're off en famille to visit the ancestral pile. I get to go from Queensland in the summer to Ireland in the Winter in the space of a week. Niiiiiice.

Unfortunately, we have go there via the armpit of the known universe, London Heathrow (LHR), usually voted "worst airport in the world".

I haven't been through that place for nearly ten years, and it was a chaotic and poorly managed mess back then too. I doubt that it's improved, and they seem to have adopted the American attitude to security: Let's force people to abide by stupid rules and have thugs with guns shouting at stressed passengers. It's only when you deal with security theatre in other places that you realize just to calm and efficient Hong Kong International Airport really is.

Here's hoping we get through unscathed, and I'm looking forward to a piont mór dubha as we'd say back home if anyone actually spoke the First Official Language.

Oh, and the pint is Murphy's, not that foul Dublin muck.

UPDATE: We're here, and LHR was a surprisingly efficient experience. I was quite surprised by it really, as I was expecting the worst.

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