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I had a phone call yesterday from a company(?) calling themselves Kingsmeade Equity.

They claimed to be a financial services company who would help me invest. The call was very low-pressure - basically a chat about the markets, where they would go, and what did I think. The caller had a English accent (London, I think, although it could've been more northern) calling himself "Daniel Goldsmith" calling from Tokyo.

The thing which worries me is that I can find no trace of the company online. I find it very difficult to believe that you can have a global trading company which doesn't show up in Google. This may just be a spelling thing, but Google normally searches for similarly sounding word. Does anyone know of a "Kingsmeade Equity"?

Also, the amount of backchat I could hear (The caller clearly talking to someone else when he thought I couldn't hear) was odd. Obviously there was someone else listening to the call and commenting ,saying things like "he's saying he's not with us". It seemed a bit unprofessional.

UPDATE: I just love having google juice. This is now the first of the entries on google if you search for kingsmeade equity, and you don't even need quotes. Despite having a Google Page Rank of only 3/10.

UPDATE 27/02/2008: The company appears to be KingsmeadPE.


Coineach Watson said:

Kingsmeade Private Equity - they SAY that they are operating from Ruchstrasse Frankfurt. the street does not exist. Their (Frankfurt???) telephone number has the same ring tone as a UK phone - NOT a German ringtone, so one can guess exactly where they are. They will offer to sell (ficticious??) shares ina ficticious???) or questionable company and dounle your money is a few days. The information they send you will be sent from Chicago USA by DHL and will not be signed or have a company stamp, therefore questionable to say the least. Interestingly companies like this appear and disappear weekly - possibly it is the same crowd - a load of crooks, conmen and charlatans - DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH THE PROVERBIAL 12FT. BARGEPOLE.

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