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  • Bureau turns back on creationism concerns Liz Heron Feb 21, 2009 Guidance for biology teachers will not be reviewed to address concerns that it encourages creationism before the new secondary diploma is launched, the Education Bureau has indicated. Four scientists, including the University of Hong Kong's dean of science Sun Kwok and science faculty board chairman David Dudgeon, have called for a reference to "alternative explanations" to Darwin's theory of evolution to be removed from the biology curriculum guidance. The guide drawn up for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education states: "In section II, genetics and evolution, students are expected to understand that evolution is a scientific theory supported with evidence and are encouraged to explore other explanations for evolution and the origins of life in addition to Darwin's theory."
  • If man evolved from apes, why do we still have apes? It was interesting reading about the continuing debate between creationists and evolutionists, which poses some interesting questions and observations. As far as creation theory is concerned, it would appear self-evident that it happened. Everything is here in perfect order and balance. Also, according to science, it has been so for billions of years. However, science has failed to adequately explain how it arrives at that figure. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the one (and I might add the only one) who claims responsibility for this creation has come and spoken about it. He called himself God. Science itself has not created anything without using what God put here in the first place as a base. Medical science has not been able to cure sickness or disease, heal crippled limbs, make the blind see or the deaf hear without using medicines, drugs or operations. STEVEN STRINGER, Queensland, Australia

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