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  • Water main bursts in Wanchai Staff reporter 1:41pm, May 22, 2009 Email to friend | Print a copy All lanes at Harbour Road, Central, near Fleming Road, were closed to traffic after a water main there burst, a spokesman for the Transport Department said on Friday. "About 4.30am, the water main burst," said the spokesman, adding that the main was about 450 millimetres in diameter. He said workers from the Water Supplies Department were still repairing it. "As they have been affected by the main bursting, all premises at Wan Chai and Happy Valley have had their sea water supplies suspended," he added. The spokesman said motorists going from Causeway Bay to Admiralty should use Tonnochy Road and Convention Avenue. "Those who drive from Admiralty to Causeway Bay should use Tim Mei Avenue and Lung Wui Road," he advised. (dave: disagreement between the headline and the first line of the story? Come on SCMP, pay some attention to detail.)
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