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  • Learn the ropes for building crispy, chewy, flavor-packed fresh pizza. Remon Karian starts with an Easy Pizza Dough, then convinces us that, yes, maybe we could give it a few tosses in the air. After that, add his vibrant Pizza Sauce and bake. Oven temperatures vary, so whether using a pizza stone or a baking sheet, keep a close eye on your prize. It's ready when beautifully golden brown.
  • As I wrote yesterday, it's a mistake to overthink this. This crapola is about bigotry, racism, intolerance and hate. The euphemism "liberal" isn't enough to contain the emotion anymore so they have reverted to primitive bigotry. obviously this email is only representative of a minority, but the various strings of racism and xenophobia and religious intolerance that are binding the right together are all tied up so neatly that I thought it was worth sharing. It illustrates well the primitive impulses that characterize the far right in the Obama era.

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