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  • "These sightings are happening all the time, but there's always a veil of secrecy surrounding them from governments," Gould said. "It's a global conspiracy. A few powerful countries influence and dictate the way we think."
  • Neil has written a true account of life with ADD/ADHD. Some, (not all), symptoms are misdiagnosed and are the result of implants or knowledge capsules placed there by extra terrestrial beings, some of whom are multidimensional in nature.
  • The new website that's launching today is designed to make the vast wealth of open data easier to use. The Bank is increasing the number of indicators available on the site from 339 to more than 1,200, and it has substantially improved its API. Four different languages are supported on the site, along with an improved data browser, feedback buttons, instant search, and embeddable widgets.

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