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    • Last night, over a jar, the bankers told me that the flows of cash from Germany have been huge because the average well-to-do German is taking his savings out of the euro and putting them on deposit here in Switzerland. The fact that the Swiss banks normally offer no interest on deposits and still get huge inflows is indicative of the fragility at the heart of the euro.

      They also explained that lots of money is coming from Ireland. These guys, who I worked with years ago, have never really seen any business from Ireland and certainly during the boom they looked on with a sense of trepidation because they had seen this before.

      Now they are getting calls from Dublin on a daily basis.

      They have concluded that this is because the banks and the Government can’t be trusted. These investment bankers — serious financial people — agree that the Irish taxpayer has no business bailing out the banks. At the table last night were two bondholders, men who invested in the Irish banks in the good times. They are now embarrassed because they were taken in by the Irish and European spin.

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